Step Up to the Line

Stick a long line of masking tape to the floor.  Ask the question e.g. “How committed are you to this change?”.  One end of the line of tape represents 0%, the other 100%.  Participants place themselves on the line according to their personal response.  Provides an instant visual “graph”.  Individuals can then be interviewed from various places along the line to provide a spectrum of opinion.

Red Sticker, Green Sticker

A evaluation technique.  To gather responses to an event or project, put up blank sheets of flipchart paper each with an appropriate heading such as “Communication”, “Logistics”, “Resources” and so on.  Provide pens, and a lot of red and green Post-It© notes.  Ask participants to stick comments under the various headings, red for negative comments, green for positive ones.  Provides an instant view of which aspects of the project were mostly seen as having gone well (predominantly green), which badly (predominantly red), plus specific details for later examination.



A visioning technique.  Imagine this company is a ship – who is steering, who is looking after the engine, who is the lookout?  Or, imagine this product is an animal – what kind of creature, how will it survive, what environment does it require?  Or, imagine this project is a city – how are we providing infra-structure, communication, green spaces etc.? 

Responses can be drawn, built, sung, recited as a poem – the possibilities are bounded only by your own imagination.